Ragan Technical Solutions was founded in 2001 to provide the golf industry with professional and personable irrigation planning and design, high quality GPS as-builts, expert Toro and Rain Bird map programming, and as an industry resource for all things irrigation technology.

The Founder:

Dave Ragan is a veteran of the turf management industry in Florida, and has now become well-known coast to coast. He has been personally involved in the installation, programming, and operator training of over 200 computerized irrigation control systems.

The RTS “Faith-Based Initiative”:

May God be gracious to us and bless us
And make his face shine upon us,
That your ways may be known on earth,
Your salvation among all nations.
Psalm 67

No business venture, including Ragan Technical Solutions, can succeed without God’s blessing. It is the primary goal of this company to honor God and to proclaim the love of Jesus Christ. Please ask Dave to share his outlook on living a devoted life, or call 1-888-NEED-HIM to find out how to ask for a cleansed heart and the fullness of God’s love.