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Ragan Technical Solutions is an industry leader in providing system designs for existing golf courses that need a major overhaul, or just some modernization.

Elevate Your Golf Course with RTS System Design and Consultation

When it comes to revitalizing and modernizing your existing golf course irrigation system, including Golf Course Irrigation Design, Ragan Technical Solutions (RTS) stands as the industry leader. We specialize in providing comprehensive system designs and consultation services for golf courses that require a major overhaul or seek modernization, with a particular focus on Golf Course Irrigation Design. Our end-to-end solutions encompass consultation, design, bidding, and construction services, including rotor layout, as-built maps, and central control programming. With a commitment to quality and a vast portfolio of satisfied clients, we are the trusted partner you need to bring your Golf Course Irrigation Design project to life.

Our Service Area

At this time, we offer our renowned services exclusively in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. If your golf course is located within these regions, we are ready to collaborate with you on your irrigation system project.

Why Partner with an Irrigation Consultant for Design?

The world of irrigation systems has evolved, becoming increasingly complex. With your golf course’s future at stake, it’s crucial to get it right the first time. Partnering with an experienced irrigation professional ensures that you obtain the best system tailored to your budget. An unbiased irrigation consultant can guide you through the process of selecting the right brand and contractor to meet your specific needs.

Exploring the Best System Options

Choosing the right irrigation system involves numerous decisions, and RTS is here to help you make informed choices. We’ll collaborate with you to determine the best solution for your course, considering factors such as:

  1. Pipe Material: HDPE or PVC? We have extensive experience with both options and can advise you on the most suitable choice for your project.
  2. Control System: Satellite or two-wire? Our experts can help you navigate the pros and cons of each, ensuring that your control system aligns with your course’s requirements.
  3. Piping Configuration: Should you opt for a herringbone or looped piping configuration? We’ll provide insights based on your course’s unique characteristics.

Design Timeline

Ideally, our collaborative work on plans and specifications will span approximately 60 days before issuing a request for bids. However, the timeline can vary based on the complexity of your site and project.

System Updates and Upgrades

If your goal is to update specific aspects of your irrigation system rather than a complete replacement, RTS has you covered. We have substantial experience with upgrades, particularly those involving control system packages. The tech-centric nature of control systems often necessitates replacement before mechanical components. With a track record of over 150 control system upgrades, you can trust RTS to modernize your system efficiently and effectively.

Elevate Your Golf Course with RTS

Elevate the efficiency, performance, and sustainability of your golf course’s irrigation system with Ragan Technical Solutions. Contact us today to embark on a journey of transformation and modernization. With RTS by your side, your golf course will continue to flourish as a symbol of precision, innovation, and excellence.

Boca Rio Golf Course Irrigation System Design

Boca Rio Golf Course Irrigation System Design

Client Testimonial: Old Palm Golf Club


Why do I need an irrigation consultant for a design?

Irrigation systems are increasingly complex, and you only get one chance to do it right.  Using an experienced professional allows you to get the best system at a price that is right for your budget.  An unbiased irrigation consultant can help you navigate the process of choosing the brand and contractor that is right for you.

Which type of system is best?

We can determine those answers together… HDPE or PVC?  Satellite or two-wire?  Herringbone or looped piping?  Ragan Technical Solutions has vast experience with all of these choices, and can help you determine the best solution for your course.  We are an unbiased source of information, without a self-serving connection to any brand or choice.

How long does it take to design a system?

Ideally, we would work on the plans and specifications together for about 60 days before we are ready to issue a request for bids.  It very well may take longer based on the complexity of your site.

What if I only need to update the system, not completely replace it?

Ragan Technical Solutions has a lot of experience with upgrades, particularly those that involve a control system package.  The electronic and tech nature of control systems means that they often need replacement before the other mechanical parts of the system.  We have the experience of being involved in over 150 control system upgrades!

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