Over time, irrigation maps become outdated, as irrigation is added or moved, station numbers get re-arranged, or you do a major renovation project.

RTS is the industry leader in refreshing your old map and making it accurate again. We have the expert skills you need to repair your old Rain Bird or Toro map, and then create beautiful field books and wall maps!



Why do I need to fix my old map?

Over time, your irrigation map becomes less accurate and less useful.  We can bring your old map back to current conditions and make it useful again.  Also, you are thinking of using the new Toro or Rain Bird map app… now would be an opportune time to update the map accuracy to match the database.

What kind of maps can you fix?

If you have a Toro SitePro, Toro Lynx, Rain Bird Cirrus, Rain Bird Nimbus II, Rain Bird Stratus II, or Rain Bird Stratus LT map, we can fix it.  If you have other brands, please check with us.

What do you need to fix my map?

A remote internet connection to your computer, to download a backup database.  From the backup, we will create hole-by-hole worksheet maps suitable for a clipboard, which you will use to note the changed station numbers and pairings.  We will also utilize an updated aerial to fix or improve any golf course feature changes.

What other products can I get from this service?

You will receive a beautiful and full-functioned Toro or Rain Bird central control map, ready for upload to your mobile map app.  Optionally, you could receive laminated hole-by-hole field books showing all irrigation data with labels for station numbers and programming codes (i.e. 1T1, 1T2, etc.), and a beautiful 1”=100’ color laminated wall map, which will be laminated for use with whiteboard markers.

How can we help? 

Use the form below to request more information and to receive pricing.


Request will be answered within 48 hours.

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