Using our new Do-It-Yourself GPS program, we will send you our easy-to-use GPS equipment so that your staff can collect your own location data for rotors, valves, controllers, splices, and drainage.

RTS will provide training and support – You can do it, We can help! From the data you collect, will create a beautiful Toro or Rain Bird central control map, train you how to use your map for irrigation management, print and laminate station number books, and print and laminate a useful wall map for your staff room.

Lid Map


What can I GPS map?

Using our easy-to-use GPS equipment, you can map all irrigation points (sprinklers, valves, controllers, quick couplers, wire splices, and more) and can also map your drainage points (catch basins, storm basins, cleanouts, outfalls, and more).  We can create a customized label list based on the brand of irrigation you own and the sprinklers found on your course.

How long does it take?

Most courses try to GPS at least a couple of holes each day, although you certainly can do more.  Our typical equipment rental period is two weeks, but can be longer or shorter based on your rate of collection.

What about assigning station numbers?

After the data collection process, we will create hole-by-hole worksheet maps suitable for a clipboard, which you will use to note the station numbers and pairings.

What about mapping the golf course features?

If you desire, RTS will map your greens, tees, fairways, roughs, bunkers, paths, lake, and more from a recent high-resolution color aerial.  If need be, we can use our drone team to fly a new aerial for you!  We calculate the square footage and perimeter of your golf course features and summarize the measurements in a handy table.

What products do I get from this service?

You will receive a beautiful and full-functioned Toro or Rain Bird central control map, three laminated hole-by-hole field books showing all irrigation data with labels for station numbers and programming codes (i.e. 1T1, 1T2, etc.), and a beautiful 1”=100’ color laminated wall map, which will be laminated for use with whiteboard markers.

How can we help you? 

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