Golf Irrigation Central Control Mappings Services

At Ragan Technical Solutions, we offer the best in Golf Course irrigation planning, design, and high-quality GPS Mapping Solutions. Paired with the expert technologies from legacy names in golf course irrigation central controls like Toro Lynx® systems, Rain Bird Cirrus™, Nimbus™ & Stratus™ systems, or the Hunter Pilot® systems – we have the experience and expertise to streamline systems to meet your needs whether you are using internal resources to collect the location data needed or utilizing our GPS technicians experience to collect your location data.

Golf Course Irrigation Map

These powerful central control systems are able to be tweaked and honed to razor-sharp efficiencies for the ultimate control of your course’s water allocation. As a segment of those efficiencies, the mapping of your irrigation systems sprinkler heads, rotors, valves, controllers, splices, and drains has many benefits with the preservation of water supplies and more control of sprinkler groups at the top of the list.

For over 20 years, we have supported superintendents and golf course agronomists in taking full advantage of their irrigation software investments by providing DIY central control mapping options, start to finish mapping implementation services, and options to fix malfunctioning or incomplete irrigation mapping configurations. RTS provides the tools and education to gain the ultimate control of your golf course irrigation system regardless of the size or budget available through GPS irrigation mapping.

What Are The Benefits of the Ragan Technical Solutions Mapping Services

  • Water & Budget Conservation Efforts
  • Time Savings
  • More Precise Control Of Sprinkler Groups
  • More Accurate Estimates On Supplies Needed (i.e pesticides)
  • Ortho Mapping Drone Imagery of Course
  • Advanced Irrigation Health Diagnostics
  • And Much More 

Maximize your sprinkler system today by contacting our sales team regarding a beautiful new central control mapping solution for either Toro® Rain Bird® or Hunter®. For more information on each of the systems visit one of the options below for specific details.

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