Rain Bird® Golf Irrigation Central Control Mappings Services

For over 20 years the Rain Bird® golf irrigation and central control systems have been providing golf courses all over the world with peak sprinkler system controls. However, for the superintendents that know, choosing between the Cirrus™, the Nimbus™ II, StratusLT™, or Stratus™ II  is only a portion of the set up. To get the ultimate control of irrigation health and water distribution, proper configuration and GPS sprinkler head mapping is a must.

Underground sprinkler maintenance is an essential component to operational water reductions and successful irrigation system management. The previous generation of Rain Bird® CAD mapping was too expensive for most golf courses, not practical enough, and did not provide all the important details necessary for superintendents to achieve green watering goals. Rain Bird launched a new and innovative mapping service that comprises of both detailed CAD drawings for the underground sprinkler systems, as well as GPS sprinkler head location maps. These maps are based on the actual wells, lakes, green locations and tee boxes.


The Rain Bird® Golf Irrigation Mapping Service provides all necessary detailed information to optimize water applications and accuracy. Green watering is now possible as superintendents can use the detailed mapping information and integrate that with the Rain Bird® Sprinkler CAD Mapping to manage their irrigation systems in an optimal manner.

Rain Bird® Golf Course Irrigation Mapping Consultants

Similar to Rain Bird®, Ragan Technical Solutions has supported superintendents and golf course agronomists for over 20 years in taking full advantage of their irrigation software investments by providing DIY central control mapping services, full scale location data collection and mapping services and options to fix malfunctioning or incomplete irrigation mapping configurations for the Rain Bird® central control systems. Our expert irrigation consulting team provides the tools and education to gain the ultimate control of your golf course sprinkler systems. Maximize your irrigation system investments today by contacting our sales team regarding Rain Bird® central control mapping solutions for a free consultation. Be sure to browse the different benefits unlocked by completing mapping today to reference on your consultation call.

DIY Mapping Services                       Map My RainBird® Central Control System                          Fix & Update My Map

What Are The Benefits of the Ragan Technical Solutions Mapping Services?

  • Water & Budget Conservation Efforts
  • Time Savings
  • More Precise Control Of Sprinkler Groups
  • More Accurate Estimates On Supplies Needed (i.e pesticides)
  • Ortho Mapping Drone Imagery of Course
  • Advanced Irrigation Health Diagnostics
  • And Much More 
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