Harnessing the Power of Toro® Irrigation Mapping for Golf Courses


Key Takeaways

Aspect Detail
Advanced System Utilization GPS mapping enhances Toro® Lynx’s functionality.
Water Usage Efficiency Potential to achieve 30%+ reduction in water usage.
Cutting-Edge Technology Sophisticated GPS methods for detailed course mapping.
Customized Solutions Tailored mapping for specific course features.
Professional Support Expert consultancy for mapping and system optimization.
Continuous Improvement Regular updates and maintenance for peak system performance.

Introduction: Toro Lynx® – A Revolution in Golf Course Irrigation

For a decade, Toro Lynx® has been a cornerstone in golf course irrigation, offering unmatched control and efficiency. However, many courses using the Lynx® system have yet to unlock its full potential. Integrating GPS mapping for precise location of sprinkler heads, valves, and drains is crucial for efficient water distribution and health diagnostics of the system.


GPS Mapping: The Core of Toro Lynx® Efficiency

Toro’s commitment to innovation is evident in its Lynx® Mapping Services. These services use advanced GPS technology to create detailed digital blueprints of golf courses. These maps include information about the location and flow rates of equipment, as well as the topography of the land, making Lynx® one of the most powerful irrigation systems available.

Ragan Technical Solutions: Your Toro Lynx® Mapping Experts

Ragan Technical Solutions (RTS) has been instrumental in helping golf courses maximize their investment in Toro Lynx® systems. With over 20 years of experience, RTS offers a range of services including DIY mapping, full-scale data collection, and solutions for malfunctioning or incomplete irrigation mappings. Their expert team provides the tools and education necessary for optimal control of golf course sprinkler systems. Explore our range of services, including Toro Lynx® Mapping and Fix My Old Map.

Benefits of Toro Lynx® Mapping with RTS

  • Enhanced Water Conservation: Significant reduction in water usage through precise irrigation control.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined management of sprinkler groups and time savings.
  • Resource Management: Accurate estimates for supplies such as pesticides.

Advanced Diagnostics: Utilization of drone imagery for comprehensive irrigation health checks.

Benefits of Toro Lynx Mapping Services

Client Testimonials: A Testament to Excellence

RTS’s commitment to quality and efficiency is reflected in the testimonials from satisfied clients. These testimonials underscore the value of RTS’s mapping services in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of golf course irrigation systems.

Conclusion: Embracing Future-Proof Irrigation Solutions

Regular updates and maintenance are key to keeping Toro Lynx® systems operating at peak efficiency. RTS ensures that golf courses are always equipped with the most advanced and efficient irrigation solutions.

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