Toro Lynx® Golf Irrigation Central Control Mappings Services

For over 10 years Toro Lynx® irrigation systems have been providing golf course superintendents and agronomists with control over their irrigation systems. However, despite all its power, roughly 80% of the courses utilizing Lynx® aren’t taking full advantage of the central control system’s potential by GPS mapping the locations of the sprinkler heads, rotors, valves, controllers, splices and drains. This leaves wasteful water distribution and specific sprinkler head health diagnostics along with many other benefits up to chance. 

Toro applauds course superintendents who are dedicated and proactive by assessing their irrigation systems for efficiency and using Toro’s Lynx® Mapping Services to realize a 30%+ reduction in water use. Toro’s Lynx® Mapping Services are the most advanced methods available for courses who wish to harness the full power of Toro’s central control system and gain the water conservation benefits that come from an in-depth irrigation mapping.


Toro® Golf Course Irrigation Mapping

Toro uses sophisticated GPS mapping methods to create Toro Maps. Toro Maps are digital blueprints of your golf course that contain a deluge of information, from the location and flow rates of Toro’s equipment to the topography of the land. Toro Maps are highly detailed and can be used in a number of ways to improve efficiency and make Toro Lynx® the most powerful irrigation system available.

Toro Site Pro and Toro Quantum Pro will automatically utilize Toro Maps to perform a variety of tasks for Toro customers. Toro maps can be used in Toro Site Pro to calibrate a specific Toro controller from the data acquired during mapping, and Toro Quantum Pro will use Toro Maps to set run times to take into account what type of turf is being irrigated and the slope and elevation changes on your course.

Toro Lynx® Mapping Consultants

For over 20 years RTS has supported superintendents and golf course agronomists in taking full advantage of their irrigation software investments by providing DIY mapping services, full scale location data collection and mapping services and options to fix malfunctioning or incomplete irrigation mapping configurations for the for the Toro Lynx® central control systems. Our expert irrigation consulting team provides the tools and education to gain the ultimate control of your golf course sprinkler systems. Maximize your irrigation system investments today by contacting our sales team regarding Toro Lynx® mapping solutions for a free consultation.

DIY Mapping Services                      Map My RainBird® Central Control System                          Fix & Update My Map

Benefits of the Ragan Technical Solutions DIY Mapping Service

  • Water & Budget Conservation Efforts
  • Time Saving Solutions
  • More Precise Control Of Sprinkler Groups
  • More Accurate Estimates On Supplies Needed (i.e pesticides)
  • Ortho Mapping Drone Imagery of Course
  • Advanced Irrigation Health Diagnostics
  • And Much More 
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